The Element is simply breathtaking with its clean lines, beautiful flame pattern and multiple media options. With an impressive star rating and the latest in power balanced flue technology it makes it the perfect package for the discerning buyer. The Power Flue allows total flexibility during installation in two story homes, apartments and commercial projects. The Element is available in three sizes the 1200, 1800 and now with the all new 1800 double sided fire, granting an incredible view of the fire regardless of where you are in the room. A full remote is standard giving the owner complete control of the fire. The Element also has WiFi capability with an app enabling operation of your fire from your smart device so the room is nice and cozy. 

  • Conceived, designed, researched, developed and built in Australia

  • New home application

  • Power balanced flue (vertical and horizontal)

  • Natural gas, LPG or ULPG, Double sided version NG only.

  • Up to 5.2 star efficiency

  • Full remote control function

  • WiFi compatible

  • Double glazed space heater, Double sided version single glazed.

  • Heats up to 110m2

  • Driftwood, pebbles or Log and Coal media options

Specifications for the Element 1200 & Element 1800 single sided models (click to enlarge)

Element SpecificationsV2.JPG

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