10 Tips for a Sustainable Home

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We are increasingly becoming aware of the need to become eco-friendly and change our approach in the way we use resources. A sustainable lifestyle starts from our homes and it doesn’t have to conclude with just recycling and reusing resources but can elevate to a much deeper concept. Developing a sustainable lifestyle will not only help us to be more responsible but also at the end of the day reduce our expenses and reduce the wastage of resources. Here are the 10 sustainable ideas you can practice at your house.

1. Use of Energy Efficient lighting
We understand that an elegant light fitting will provide the much needed character to your space but omitting the use of low efficiency bulbs for these fixtures is a good practice to follow. Not only do light bulbs consume a lot of energy but also require replacing every now and then. Since, technology has evolved to the point of “Colonizing Mars”, a sustainable LED light bulb is just a small advancement we have made in the last few years. These bulbs not only last several years but also consume as little as 1/4th of the energy consumed by the standard light bulb.

2. Investing in Solar Panels
Solar energy is the most efficient way to consume energy as it is a renewable source of energy and will be of no costs once the solar panels are set up on your roof. We understand that installing solar panels is a big ordeal and requires large sum of investment. However, the benefit of putting in those hard yards in the beginning will be all worth it towards the end. With the never ending sight of our good friend ‘Sun” during summers you can bet that those solar panels will contribute to a large portion
of energy consumption during those times.

3. Rain water harvesting drains
Rain water harvesting is the most efficient way to save and utilize rain water for our daily consumption. All you need is to set up drains on your roof where in water can accumulate into a tank and this water in turn can be used to water your lawns, plants or even your vegie garden in the backyard. This water can become your car washing essential and can help you save a lot of costs and visits to the car wash. With proper treatment this water can be used for drinking and for showers as well.

4. Organic veggie garden
Having a veggie garden is a trend that will never get old. Growing your own vegetables is a good way to know what you are consuming and the taste of home grown is second to none. Growing organic vegetables reduces the risks of consuming store bought chemically enhanced produce. It is not only a healthy way to live but gardening will also contribute towards the much needed exercise we need in this day and age.  

5. High Efficiency Fireplace 
A fireplace is a winter essential for every household. Not only do they amplify the décor but also provide a comforting warmth in hostile winter conditions. Having a high efficiency fireplace with maximum star ratings will not only help you to save costs on gas but also help in controlling the use of natural resources. Our high efficiency gas fireplace such as the ELEMENT comes with 5.2 stars which makes sure that the resources to warm up your winter days are utilized in the most responsible
and efficient manner.  

6. Plenty of Plants indoors and in the backyard 
Having a lot of potted plant both indoors and outdoors not only provides the much needed greenery to your space but also helps in keeping the air fresh. Spider plants are a great choice for your bathrooms and bedrooms as they purify the air in large quantities and boosts your immunity. Plants are a great addition to spaces where air is generally dry, especially in cities during summers as it provides the much needed therapy during a hot summer’s day. 

7. Insulate your home for optimum heating and cooling 
Insulating your house is the oldest trick in the book when it comes to efficient utilization of your heating and cooling units. When your walls, roof and windows are properly insulated your house will hold on to heat during winters and cool air during summers. Proper insulation will also reduce your energy costs as the run time of your heating and cooling units are reduced. 

8. Sustainable building material 
When constructing a new house, consider opting for sustainable building materials such as recycled polyester, bamboos, organic paints, earth wool for insulation and used timber. Using sustainable material not only reduces the carbon footprint of sourcing these materials but also drastically reduces the impact on our forest, especially in the case of new timber. In recent developments, scientists have devised a way to convert recycled plastic into construction cement. 

9. Electric Fireplaces 
Electric Fireplaces are no doubt the fireplace of the future. With minimal running costs these unit are a great addition to a modern home. With zero emissions you can be rest assured that you are utilizing clean energy to heat up your home. Winter is best enjoyed with a hot cuppa and the comforting
visuals of a flame. 

Check out the IGNITE XL, our electric fire range for a worthy inclusion in your sustainable home.

10. High Efficiency home appliances 
Sometimes we tend to overlook the efficiency of our home appliances by substituting it to the price of these unit. Appliances in mass produced retail stores are no doubt cheaper but are not energy efficient. An appliance as simple as a kettle may cost $15 in these retail stores but in the long run are heavy on your wallets. Furthermore these appliances have a small shelf life and end up occupying large spaces in the dump yards. We recommend opting for quality appliances with high star rating that
makes your cooking and washing experience joyful.