Real Flame has the fluing options to suit your needs

Conventional Flue

A conventional flue has an inner flue that take the combustion by product from the gas burner to the atmosphere and an outer flue that acts as a secondary skin that decreases temperatures allowing closer proximity to combustible surfaces eg. walls and framing.

Direct Vent Flue

A Direct vent flue (or balanced flue) is twin skinned. Much like the conventional flue, the inner flue still removes the combustion by product however the outer flue is what brings combustion air into the gas fire chamber as well as decreases surface temperatures allowing closer proximity to combustibles.

Power Balanced Flue

Direct Vent Power Flue, gives flexibility to position a fire anywhere in a house. The power flue uses a fan to draw in air for combustion and subsequently evacuates the by products of combustion. Vertical and horizontal flue runs up to 13 meters, suitable for decorative and high efficiency fires in installations such as high rise apartments, the ground floor of two story homes or commercial applications. A designer's dream for new build or refurbishment projects.

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