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If your gas fire is “open fronted” then yes, permanent fixed ventilation is required. If your fire is a sealed glass fronted fire, then ventilation is not required. Refer to our “Ventilation” page for details.

​Note: For star rated homes a motorized damper system can be used to meet appropriate regulations.

The star rating system was developed to encourage more efficient use of our energy sector. By buying products that have more efficiency and hence, more stars, we are helping to conserve our natural resources as well as helping to lower greenhouse gas emissions. Refer to our “Energy Efficiency” page for more information

A. Real Flame offers three types of flue systems. Each has its own specific advantage depending on what type of fire you are buying. These are:

​1. Conventional Flue: This is a double skin flue system that allows an open fronted fire to flue vertically to atmosphere terminating with an approved AGA cowl. Note: Fires can also use a working masonry fireplace as a flue with an AGA approved cowl fixed to the top of the chimney.

2. Balanced Flue or Direct Vent: This is a double skin flue system used on space heaters that allows the fire to draw combustion air from outside through the outer skin and flue the flue gases to atmosphere through the inner skin. This type of flue allows the installation of a fire in a room without the need for ventilation. This flue option can be terminated horizontally or vertically​

3. Power Flue: This type of forced draught flue was developed by Real Flame back in 2004 and is currently the only AGA approved flue of its type in Australia. The Power Flue uses a fan to draw or push the flue products to atmosphere and can be configured in a vertical, horizontal or a combination of both to flue open fronted fires in installations such as high rise apartments, the ground floors of two storey homes and many commercial applications. The standard approved configuration is 13.5m with up to 4 x bends, but much longer runs can be achieved subject to approval by Real Flame.

​Note: Refer to our “Fluing Options” tab on the home page for more details.

For all Real Flame fires, the answer is yes; however, for other brands it is always best to seek advice from the manufacturer as some brands do not allow it.

Yes, most brands offer their fires in both Natural Gas and ULPG Gas.

No. All gas appliances must be installed by a fully qualified licensed gas fitter.

All qualified gas fitters must be licensed. Ask to see your installer’s license and ensure they provide you with a Certificate Of Compliance for any gas works they carry out.

Yes, all gas appliances sold in Australia have to pass strict codes of safety. All approved gas log fires are listed on the web sites of approval authorities such as AGA, IAPMO and SAI Global.

All space heaters must display a STAR RATING tag. This swing tag will show you important information such as gas consumption, energy efficiency and the heating output in kilowatts. The kilowatt rating is what determines the heating OUTPUT. Heating capacities vary depending on many different factors such as geographic location, insulation quality, types of window, type of floor and building material to name a few. Consult your dealer if you are unsure.

A decorative fire is a fire that is not classified as a space heater.. These are usually used in residential or commercial applications where there is already a heating system and the user is just looking for wow factor. There are some fires approved as decorative that will provide a small amount of warmth, but these are not efficient forms of heating.

The frequency of servicing will depend on the amount of use your fire gets. Typically we recommend you service your fire every two years as a minimum.


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